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It is the astonishing true story of international intrigue of tenacity..  At 30, thanks to the support of staff and his young family, McCoy was a millionaire with businesses spanning a number of countries including Australia, England and New Zealand.  Doug has achieved a huge list of successes in his trade, sports spiritually, family and in multiple businesses.  Douglas McCoy has been a finalist as “Australia’s Young Executive of The Year” 1986. 

“The Real McCoy.”  A real-life story which beats all and any made up Thrillers.

Douglas McCoy is part of the true loyal Australia heritage that the greats of the past have provided for us.  With his father being one of the outstanding sporting icons that has helped develop Australia into the standout sporting and winning nation in the world today.

You will be intrigued as you read this part of this extraordinary story of Douglas McCoy – The Real McCoy of Entrepreneurism and Business:


Yes, Doug McCoy is also the Real McCoy of Rugby.  But There is so much more to tell.


EXPAND INTO THE UK, New Zealand, USA and Asia

McCoy had worked on his skills, mannerisms and techniques with great dedication and adopted the finer arts of this Direct Sales Industry from the best. Because Douglas learnt these lessons so young in his life he thought that anyone could adopt these sales skills and enjoy applying the discipline needed, if they wanted to. BUT, he was wrong.

McCoy found these sales skills and leadership abilities and processes needed to succeed in this industry so natural and easy to do after practicing for two years when he was only 19 to 22, and he learned these skills so well, with great success, thanks to the skills he had been taught and adopted from some of the best in the world. But before Douglas McCoy became The Real McCoy of Entrepreneurship and Business – McCoy was a Footballer – The Real McCoy of Rugby.


Who Is Douglas McCoy?

You will discover some of the reasons Douglas McCoy has been labelled: “The ReCREATION KING” RECREATION KING

Some Of McCoy’s Successes Before His Business Battles

Douglas was a Public Speaker, Trainer and Coach, and it was obvious that many in his speaking industry could talk about success, but it was all theory, they had not had the experience themselves. So Douglas made the challenging decision to actually live the experiences, Doug wanted to talk from a position of authority. You will see how Doug has ReCreated himself multiple times to challenge himself and succeed with amazing results in such various areas in his life:

If you want to read about The Real McCoy of Rugby you are best to go to THE RUGBY UNION section of that website, because we are not going to talk about his rugby successes here.

son  Douglas was a School Drop Out at 16, although he was selected over 1,000 other applicants for one job position as an Apprentice Pattern Maker at Sydney’s Garden Island Dockyards, not for his educational achievements, but for his Rugby League prowess. Doug had been captain of his school Rugby League and Rugby Union teams so the selection process was totally by-passed McCoy was taken aside and given the job on the day, over the mass of applicants.

An exponent of physical fitness, Doug played First Division Rugby League since he was 16 years old and by far the youngest player in the competition, playing against and with many of Australia’s best players, who were playing First Grade and Australia Representatives. Despite his youth, McCoy won awards each year as the Top Try Scorer, Best and Fairest, Best Back, Man of The Match and others.

1973 to 1974 Rugby League First Division Sydney mid-week Competition for Garden Island Rugby League Club.

• 1973 Most Improved Player Award at the age of 16 playing with the men. • 1974 Best Back Award. garden


Best Back Award for Garden Island Rugby League 1974 (17 year old)

1975 Best Back Rugby League First Division For Garden Island Rugby League and First Grade Five –Eight for St George Rugby Union.

Matthew McCoy, Matt McCoy, *Anthony Mundine, Douglas McCoy at St George Rugby League Reunion, at St George Leagues Club. *Anthony Mundine is a Champion Boxer, and ex St George Star.

Now an exception ReCreation expert is Anthony Mundine. Anthony was one of the great St George Rugby League Stars making some $300,000 a year as one of the best Five-eights in the game.  He was very talented. But he gave up his big income to ReCreate Himself as a boxer, like his father Tony Mundine who was a brilliant boxer.  Anthony backed himself, started being a fight promoter and a marketer:  You might say big mouth to get people either loving him or hating him.  I know Anthony and he is a real nie guy.  But he says ridiculous statements to market himself and he fills stadiums to see him wanting his to get his lights knocked out or win.  No one would go to the boxing if he didn’t do this.  He has make boxing interesting in Australia.  In ReCreating Himself Anthony has made well over $45,000,000 in boxing.  Not bad for being a big mouth promoter.  WOW do you still question??  Is he any good at what he is doing????    

Best Back Award for Garden Island Rugby League 1975 (18 year old)


Doug McCoy – The Real McCoy of Rugby Union

with St George Rugby Union 1975 – 1983

doug rugby

The Real McCoy of Rugby League himself – Matt McCoy with Douglas McCoy his eldest son.

doug and matt

Big Matt and Doug McCoy

Yes, Douglas respected and learned from his amazing Superhero father who taught:

“No one ever kicks a dead dog, you have to be up and doing something to get criticised…” and

“The further up the ladder you get, the more of your bottom is showing. So if you are going to be successful you’ll have to learn to put up with criticism…”

• McCoy was the MC at a National SWAP Convention, when the Great Public Speaker Ron Tackie stated in one of his famous speeches to over 1,500 guests “Douglas McCoy is the ideal Pin-up Boy for a Sperm Bank.”

• Did some modelling on the catwalk, broachers and commercials. Doug was an ACTOR in some documentaries and the American movie: – “The Natalie Wood Story.”

While Doug was playing football during 1973 to 1977 he was also studying: 


  • High School dropout at 16 but Douglas has also been a winner in the education arena, right from when he was doing his Apprenticeship as a Pattern Maker Doug was the winner of the: “Best Apprentice Award at Garden Island” then on completing his 4 year Apprenticeship when he was awarded in 1976 ”Apprentice of the Year for The State of NSW” for his trade.
  • Winner of the Thomas Ian Award in 1976 as: “Top Student for Sydney Technical College”, when Doug achieved “Highest Pass Stage III Pattern Making” and Mechanical Engineering



Doug is a Coach and able to teach from experience.  McCoy has been able to ReCreate Himself in so many areas.

We recommend his book: “How Cool Is It To ReCreate Yourself”

Look under:   The Real McCoy of ReCreation

                  The Real McCoy of Entrepreneur

                    The Real McCoy of Business


Please read these other Real McCoy categories and enjoy reading the Book, written by The Real McCoy of ReCreation – Douglas McCoy: 

These are astounding accomplishments for a young man to achieve especially after what McCoy had been through and despite all the opposition.

These are astounding accomplishments for a young man to achieve especially after what McCoy had been through and despite all the opposition.


Douglas McCoy on Australia’s Gold Coast in the Q1, Tallest Residential Building in the World, where he ran his Holiday Letting business and also lived during 2006 and 2007.


Apart from his incredible 7 fabulous children, what Doug would consider as his truly Greatest Achievement so far in his life so far would have to be his Two Year Mission. 

Believing and practicing the principle of “Tithing” since his youth; at the age of 20 and so grateful for all that he had received out of life, he wanted to pay back the world by paying a tithing on his life.  Doug gave up ten percent of his life to be of service to God and humanity, wanting to develop a close spiritual relationship with his Saviour, The Creator and Father in Heaven.

But this is not the right book or forum to even discuss these priceless accomplishments.  Suffices to briefly say at the age of 20 through to 22 from 1977 to 1979; McCoy was in New Zealand, America and mainly England. He gave up his football, career, girlfriend and family to be of service and help people. Douglas had saved up and paid for his own expenses for two years.

What amazing learning experiences and incredible lessons for life.


McCoy became the Top Baptising Missionary in his English Mission of some 300 Missionaries, called “John The Baptist” by Douglas Smith his first Mission President.  Douglas became the (AP); Assistant to the President – Richard Eyre; who assisted in running Ronald Reagan’s Election Campaign for Presidency of The United States.

The Presidents wife Linda Eyre, was the founder and head of “Joy Schools” in America.  Doug travelled throughout England training missionaries and teaching.  Douglas worked with Richard and Linda Eyre; Doug assisted Richard Eyre with the input for several of his outstanding books published during the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

Douglas McCoy’s ReCreation was astounding; Doug went from a typical Aussie Occa speaking boy, into a sophisticated well spoken public speaker and gentleman.


While in England from 1977, Douglas started studying Thought Dynamics and Mind Power from his mentor, coach and respected friend: Dr William Tanner, a Psychologist in America.  Douglas has learned and worked with Dr Tanner in the UK, USA and Australia.  They have written a book together called:  “It’s All In Your Mind”.  McCoy is honoured to be permitted to carry on with Dr Tanner’s Mission and vision of teaching plus helping the world with Tanners Thought Dynamic since Dr Tanner passed away.   www.ItsAllInYourMind.co   You will find this book is an absolutely unique insight into: ReCreating Your 21 Habits, 13 Goal Areas and Powers of Your Mind, to be The YOU, you wish to be.


On his return from his two years away, Douglas was met at Sydney Airport with company directors, offering business and job deals. He accepted the challenging roll as the Sales and Marketing Manager and Showman / Presenter for New South Wales and Queensland (2 States in Australia) for “Bamix” – The Swiss made precision Food Preparation Machine. Doug would do Cooking Shows and Demonstrations in Clubs for Ladies Day Entertainment and Shows all over the country.  Back in 1979, Doug was entertaining through cooking demonstrations like Jamie Oliver does now.


Between travelling back and forth to the UK, Douglas was recruited into the   Insurance Industry and quickly became a member of the Million Dollar Round Table. Doug was promoted to Management and won the award as the “Australia’s Top Sales Manager” in the Class of 1981 for T&G Insurance Company – awarded in Melbourne Victoria.


Douglas introduced Rebound Exercise – Mini Trampolines to Australia and New Zealand 1981 to 1983 bringing the first units in from Las Vegas;

“The Vitalizer”.

This became so widely known in Australia, due to Douglas McCoy who recruited over 6,500 sales staff, making the rebounders known in every home nation-wide through his Aerobics Classes, Public Seminars, TV and News appearances, magazine exposure in Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK.


Douglas was a guest speaker in 1982 and 1983 at the Vital World Health and Fitness Conventions in Las Vegas.  Qualified and became a Certified Aerobic Fitness Instructor 1982.  Doug ran Aerobic Classes all over Australia as the Guest Fitness Coach.

Douglas set up an Aerobics’ Fitness Gym in Smithfield Sydney with over 200 Rebound Exercise Units for Daily Classes.  This was the biggest gym of its kind in the world.  As the face and founder of Rebound Exercise in Australia, Douglas was regularly written up in the news papers, magazines including Vogue, in flight magazines, on TV and on the News.

Douglas sponsored the 1983 State of: “NSW Body Building Championships”.  Doug further assisted in Coaching and preparing Mr Australia – the champion strong man Billy Knight and other sporting champions to win their tournaments.


Doug studied through the 1980’s under his mentor and coach Dr Les Cunningham the author of “HypnoSport” and  “The Greatest Hypnotherapist in Australia” to qualify and receive his “Diploma of Hypnotherapy.”

Dr Cunningham was able to assist his patients / students / athletes he worked with and trained to ReCreate themselves to break through their mental and physical barriers to achieve astounding greatness and success with a record of not less than:

–      18 went on to Break World Records,

–      37 placed as World or Olympic Champions,

–      Well over 250 have Represented Australia or their Country.

–      Athletes’ and Teams to perform at their Best…

Dr Les Cunningham The Hypnotherapist Coach – Team Psychiatrist of The Australian Archery Association to become The World Champions in USA 1983.



  • During 1981 to 1985 Douglas studied “Touch for Health” and Applied Kinesiology, to be qualified as an Advance Touch for Health Practitioner, under several gurus, including David Bridgeman.
  • Douglas ran businesses in Australia, the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand, plus International companies. Importing his products from USA, Taiwan, Italy, Germany and England.  Douglas has travelled the world, studying business, religions and philosophies.


  • In 1984 McCoy started a Security business from his home and recruited an incredible sales team of 500 Door to Door sales force Australia-wide within 10 months.  See: TV Today Show with Douglas’ Security Company “Carol and Douglas”   Crime Watch Super Hero’s:  Wonder Woman and Superman. 


  • During the 1980’s Doug established and personally owned the Biggest and First major Security Franchise Chain in Australia which McCoy built into an $11 million a year business.

HOME SECURITY:   McCoy has always had an art of looking at business from outside the box. He has a motto:  “Success comes from doing the opposite to what everyone else is doing.”  Douglas has realised because he likes to do business different then normal, and is often the visionary pioneering his exciting new business concepts, that will soon be copied.  So for forward thinking business entrepreneurs that are Trend Spotters should also be wise and courageous enough, that they should set up their own oppositions.  This would deter others, when they think: “that’s a great idea, BUT look there are all these other companies in that business already.” 

So McCoy has been so clever that he will usually establish his own monopoly in the cutting edge business concepts he launches. A great example of this was what he did in the Home Security Market during the 1980’s through to 1991.  McCoy set up his own opposition companies in Australia including: Self Reliance Pty Ltd, “ASFS,” Australian Security and Fire Systems Pty Ltd, CWS Industries Pty Ltd, IEC CrimeWatch Security Pty Ltd, Security Concepts International Pty Ltd, Zenith Security Pty Ltd.

In New Zealand Douglas established a series of companies including: CrimeWatch Security NZ Ltd, The Zenith Group Limited and a list of other companies. In The United Kingdom McCoy established: IEC CrimeWatch UK Ltd, etc…

McCoy cornered the Security Market and virtually created and trained the Direct Sales Security businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand and started it going in the UK.  Much of the Security Industry was recruited and trained by Douglas McCoy.


Doug Won: Top Salesman in the World  many months for different security systems produced by divisions of Figgie International the Fortune 500 Company in America.    Douglas was the “Special Guest Speaker” at their World Conferences in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Amarillo Texas and Los Angeles. McCoy was their only   distributor in the world with National and International Rights to multiple product lines and opposition labels at the same time.


Top Franchise Salesman in the World – of CrimeWatch – Interstate Engineering a Division of Figgie International products – A Fortune 500 Company in the USA.


Douglas was a Finalist in “Australia’s Young Executive of the Year” by the Bulletin Magazine and Compac Computers in 1986.  At the awards ceremony the Prime Minister the Honourable Bob Hawke said:  “We need more businessmen in Australia like Douglas McCoy…”


Being chosen as a Finalist in Young Executive of the Year Awards was often a so called “Cruise” judging from the track records of many others that had been chosen.   These ambitious, forward thinking entrepreneurs that have receive these elite awards have a history of being targeted and destroyed.  So even though Douglas McCoy received the praise of this incredible achievement this award and notability within itself became a challenge.


Doug was a millionaire before the age 30.   McCoy was quick to learn the lessons his amazing father taught:  “If you are going to be successful, you need to be able to accept and handle criticism.”  People are going to try and drag you down and speak badly about you.  “Most of the second hand stories people want to spread about you seldom comes close to the truth.”

The person that stands up and does the most or succeeds the most – has to expect to be criticized the most… –  “The further up the ladder you get the more of your bottom is showing.”  So expect people to point their finger and criticise you.  “If you are going to play with the big boys, you are going to have to take the big hits.”  People get jealous and there is strong “The Tall Poppy Syndrome” here in Australia.  If you are highly successful here in Australia, people will want to cut you down and pick faults and try to suggest you “must be crooked” or “must have inherited your wealth.”  Our most successful Australian’s; well our own people have tried to destroy them, just look back through our counties history.

When you have money you get targeted. Money is often harder to keep then it is to make.


McCoy had developed his own Skin Care Range, called “The Melaleuca Collection” which he also exported to America to the business people that as we understand established the famous MLM company “Melaleuca”.  Douglas set up a Party Plan Company selling the Skin Care, Jewellery and Lingerie for the woman in his sales force. Doug discovered his main Direct Sales Force was mainly made up of men that were selling the security products through Direct Sales.  Because these men were bringing their wives or girlfriends to McCoy’s sales training and company functions, Doug decided to produce a series of products that suited the girls and helped the ladies side of the business grow:


  • Douglas set up Self Reliance with a National Sales Team of over 500. The men going Door to Door and teams of woman doing Party Plan and marketing his Self Reliance products.  This was set up in less than 6 months by McCoy.  Douglas also developed the Self Reliance Planner” Doug and his coaches trained major corporations in Australia and New Zealand on Time Management; including huge companies like Kellogg’s, AMP Insurance, IBM, Amway’s Double Diamonds and Crowns, etc. Later selling the Self Reliance Planner to Amway which they still sell today as their (SR) Planner/Organiser.


  • Douglas was honoured to be “appointed by His Excellency the Governor with the advice of the Executive Council to be a Justice of The Peace for the State of New South Wales Australia by the Attorney General; Terry Sheahan in 1986 and again by the Attorney General; John Dowd in 1989.


  • Douglas then expanded to Franchising Internationally into New Zealand and then England.  Doug has also carried out business worldwide throughout: Asia and America.


  • In London CrimeWatch Security sponsored the Historical VIP Charity Boxing Tournament in Holborn London in 1988 – 1989.

Towards the end of the 1980’s through the 1990’s he had a battle for nearly a decade with the Head of London’s East End Mafia plus Australia’s Most Renowned Gangster and Stand over Man (Tim Bristow). He survived and is still alive to tell the story.     These encounters and bizarre experiences are covered in the book:

“The Real McCoy NOT A BOND Thriller”;    see www.JamesBondThriller.com.

Douglas McCoy’s lessons and real life challenges during this decade are more than most people would learn and live through in over 30 Businessmen’s Lifetimes of Experience. 


Douglas has learned: Life Is Your Oyster and Your Life Is Your Choice…


The McCoy family funded the first container of Neway’s into Australia in 1987.   At the time it was called “Images” and the company promised the McCoy’s 5% of the turnover of Australia and New Zealand for funding the stock and the number “2” distributorship in the country.  The first meeting was at the Hurstville Art Centre with 12 of their friends.  Within a few years they had over 18,000 in their down line in Australia.

Tom Mower the owner of Neways offered Douglas; to be on top of the UK distributorship if he would train the distributors each Saturday, as Douglas owned

an international security company. In six months he took the number “2” distributorship for $2,000 a month commission cheque, to $6,000, to $9,000, to $11,000, to $18,500, to $19,000, to $29,000, in that many months.

On the month he got the number “2” distributorship to $29,000 commission, in the down line, they had Debbie and John Faulkner (in Qld) on $30,000, Bill Sylvester (in NSW) on $30,000, Paul Clowden (in SA) on $67,000, Catherine Posser (in SA) on $66,000, Brian Milligan (in Vic) on $30,000, The Griffiths (in Vic) on $28,000, (Plus they all had lovely new Cars of their choice they won from the company).

The Neways then changed the marketing plan, and reneged on the Top UK distributorship, and had already reneged on the 5% of the Australian and NZ turnovers agreed from the beginning, so Douglas pulled out to just focus on his Security companies that had been turning over $500,000 a fortnight.


CrimeWatch Promotions’ of Their Superhero’s protecting their Communities

So Douglas has had great success in Network Marketing companies, from the time he won the “Sydney Go Direct Course” for AMWAY back in 1979 on his return from England. In 1980 to 1981 Douglas set up a “Ruby Direct Distributorship in England”.

Douglas designed the “Self Reliance Time Management Planner “ that he was involved with training the major companies around Australia, such as Kellogg’s, IBM,  AMP Insurance,  Amway’s Crown’s, Diamond’s  and Ruby Direct distributors, etc.. Selling the “Self Reliance Time Management Planner” to AMWAY in 1988.

Douglas has trained and consulted many of the top Direct Sales and Network Marketing companies throughout the world.


The discipline and manners required in cold calling and selling Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems into homes on a Door to Door, method using a Commission Only basis was a challenge for the average person.

In this business one learns fast that most people would prefer to do eye surgery on themselves than face their fears of doing Cold Calling – Door to Door Sales.   So they would pull out without enduring the initial knock-backs while they were still learning.  A franchisee would need to be able to keep their sales reps motivated to stick in there until they experienced the highs of being successful.

This part is very much a numbers game.  So without the self discipline and desire to endure until they experience the successes, people want to throw the towel in and look for what they think could be easier money.  When someone gives up and quits, their normal procedure would be for them to want to blame ANYONE.  Sadly he discovered the losers motto and the basic nature of most people is:

“If at first you don’t succeed, quick – blame someone else.”

Many people by nature, unless they can control the negative thoughts that come into ones mind through self talk or the complaints and destructive comments from the love ones at home, who are wanting results NOW, when the Franchisee and Commission only salespeople are just starting.  So if they will not accept the responsibility they have to learn HOW and do what it takes to recruit, train and lead a commission only sales team they will never know how financially rewarding and the personal development that flows from actually doing and learning what it takes.

Douglas was used to sales in Australia where you have to be good to succeed in direct sales as you don’t have the enormous population as they have in England and the USA.  Just think of the populations and huge opportunities compared to running sales teams in Australia with 20 million people at that time. 

McCoy accepted a sales challenge and immediately made sales to earn rapid success of over 300,000 pounds (AUD$900,000) in his UK business, in a matter of weeks.


McCoy enjoyed a great life style in the UK


George Bernard Shaw at the Charity Boxing Tournament,
Stadium Club in Holborn, London, 29 November 1929

McCoy was a special guest at these distinguished VIP gala events.

At these VIP businessman,” MEN ONLY “ Boxing Tournaments, no girls were allowed except to serve the magnificent meals and drinks to the tables of the distinguished guests and the gorgeous bikini babes to carry the numbers around the Boxing Ring between each round.  What a treat for wealthy men’s sore eyes.


The most important and influential guests met at our London Holborn Office of CrimeWatch Security UK Head Office, and it was just a short walk to the Boxing Stadium.  The Head of the Scotland Yard and major London identities were among the dignitaries to meet at the Holborn office.  As special VIP guests and key friends travelled together to the boxing tournament.   What a show!

These boxing tournaments were wonderful, the between-bout entertainment was fabulous, and with a tremendous comedian and others to keep the entire guest’s entertained.

These were well prepared and highly organized staged events, planned for maximum effect.


The Real McCOY Not A BOND THRILLER is an exhilarating business thriller of corporate battle between an old experienced, well connected ruthless thief who takes on a young achiever, a naive yet arrogant Aussie super salesmen.


on a young achiever, a naive yet arrogant Aussie super salesmen.

Faced with a radical crisis McCoy’s old world of ultra success, achievement, popularity, prosperity and great reputation was pulled out from under him in unprecedented proportions.

McCoy is catapulted into his most underhanded daunting mission yet, the question is:

How to Survive? 









NSW Police with Douglas McCoy and his Promotional Team from CrimeWatch Security’s Stand at a Darling Harbour Franchise Show, Sydney.

BUT, everything changed the day Douglas McCoy stood up to Bristow and reported Tim Bristow for this criminal activity.  The police went into action to protect their “Police Informer” and started working against McCoy, trying to set him up.


McCoy was a dynamic Public Speaker, able to command fees to companies of $6,000 per speech and $5,000 per head at his two day weekend Seminars.

McCoy had built up the First and biggest Security Franchise chain in Australia between 1983 to 1990, with an $11 million a year business. In addition to killing McCoy’s seminar / training business, they took and cost McCoy his UK and Australia Security Companies, plus over $4,500,000.

When your survival is threatened by seemingly insurmountable challenges the opposition to tear your name down and “the threat” by the mafia and gangsters on your family and life. The question raises its head regularly: “How do I Survive?


Where does one go after losing everything, from their good name, businesses, reputation, money and family?  SHOULD McCOY GIVE UP?? BEATEN BY BUREAUCRATS YOU CANNOT FIGHT, they were used by the gangsters, to do their cowardly dirty work?

McCoy was taught principles by his marvellous dad, who he considered as a true hero.    Doug’s dad taught:

“Love it when it hurts,

Press Harder When it hurts,

When you are getting tired,

the others are getting more fatigued,

So Press Harder, Stick in there and Never Give Up…”

Matt McCoy was known as a real CHAMPION in so many areas of life. In the Rugby League arena, which is considered the “Toughest Sport in the World”  Matt McCoy was an all time superstar. The Australian Prime Minister; John Howard was a knowledgeable fan of Rugby League and avid supporter of St George and was one of the many known to have said:

    “Matt McCoy was one of the Greatest to Ever Play the Game…” 

Matt McCoy,  “One of the 15 Legends of St George ” features in the:

“Walk of The Legends” at St Georges Jubilee Oval.

The 15 Legends of St George Rugby League: Matt McCoy in the Centre.


The St George Legends Mark Coyne, Craig Young, Norm Provan, Johnny King, Johnny Raper, Reg Gasnier, Ian Walsh. Noel Pidding, Matt McCoy, Graham Langlands at the signing of the “March of the Dragons” at St George Leagues Club 20th June 2001
Matt McCoy was the Greatest Player in Australia in 1949 – 50 but injured his knee.

Many considered Matt McCoy the Greatest Rugby League Player in the World:

In 2000, Matthew McCoy was awarded the “Australian Medal” and “Australasian Sporting Achievement Award” from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, The Prime Minister John Howard and Governor-General William Deane.

doug and matt

Yes, Douglas respected and learned from his amazing Superhero father who taught:

“No one ever kicks a dead dog,  you have to be up and doing something to get criticised…”                                              and                                                                                                               

 “The further up the ladder you get, the more of your bottom is showing.                                                         So if you are going to be successful you’ll have to learn to put up with criticism…”                                      

Due to certain politicians and media’s in-despicable unconscionable actions, most people just give up – destroyed.  It ruins their reputations, businesses, families and their whole lives.  Many are known to be driven to suicide, virtually all are destroyed financially. Douglas McCoy is not the type that gives up, despite seemingly unrepairable damage to his reputation, business and life, plus insurmountable odds, McCoy changed direction and ReCreate Himself. 

You will discover some of the reasons Douglas McCoy has been labelled:“The ReCREATION KING”

These are astounding accomplishments for a young man to achieve especially after what McCoy had been through and despite all the opposition.

These are astounding accomplishments for a young man to achieve especially after what McCoy had been through and despite all the opposition.


Douglas McCoy3

 Some of McCoy’s Successes During & Since His Battle

So Douglas McCoy needed to think and work outside the box, change businesses and careers, as these criminals tried to destroy whatever business he was building. To be a creator of great wealth you need to become a “Trend Spotter” not a “Fad Seeker”, Douglas had great vision to spot future trends and introduce unique market concepts that gave him a reputation and track record as a “Market Genius”.  McCoy continued to ReCreate Himself while he developed new concepts and marketing ideas to introduce in new National and International markets.

Just some of Douglas McCoy’s successes as a “Trend Spotter” consisted of:

  • McCoy introduced Co-operative Coupon Advertising to Australia and New Zealand in 1991- 92, which was a multi-billion dollar business in America and he brought the concept over and set it up in Australia and New Zealand, this quickly became a Multi Million Dollar Business through both countries.
  • Co-operative Coupon Advertising:   McCoy used the same logic and courage in Coupon Business as he did pioneering the Home Security Industry in Australia and New Zealand.  Realising others will try to copy the exciting new business concept, so he set up his own oppositions.  Trying to deter others, when they think: “That’s a great idea, BUT look there are all these other companies in that business already.”  Psyching out many potential competitors.
  • So McCoy established a bit of a monopoly in the Co-operative Coupon market during the 1990’s.  As he set up all his own opposition companies including:  Cost Cutter Coupons Pty Ltd, Shopportunity Coupons Pty Ltd, Intanet Pty Ltd, My Community Coupons Pty Ltd, Pocket Savers Coupons NZ Ltd, My Community Coupons NZ Ltd, Shopportunity Coupons NZ Ltd, Intanet UK Ltd, etc…  McCoy cornered the market and virtually created and trained the direct sales coupon businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • McCoy sold Franchises of his Coupon businesses for $50,000 each in Australia and New Zealand and also sold off his Pocket Savers Coupon Ltd business in New Zealand for $150,000 after training and organising their first coupon delivery.

SAMPLES of some of the Co-Op Coupons from the Companies owned by McCoy.


  • In 1995 Douglas McCoy created, designed and set up his Loyalty Co-op Programs in Australia and New Zealand, called Intanet Pty Ltd, Cash Back Members having their “The Shopportunity Card” and “The Shopportunity Discount Coupons.”  McCoy’s revolutionary Loyalty Program was selected as the “Most Advanced Loyalty Program In The World”.  
  • Douglas’ Loyalty Co-op Cash Back Program was chosen from all over the world as: “The Most Advanced Loyalty Program in the World”. Douglas McCoy was the “Grand Finale Speaker” of The World Loyalty Program Convention in Sheraton Towers at Singapore.  With other world famous Loyalty Programs at the Seminar such as American Express, Master Card, Visa Card, etc.

This successful model and business concept McCoy introduced to the world has since been very successfully used by “Lyoness” to build a huge Loyalty Program throughout the world.   Lyoness commenced trading in 2003 and in 2010 reached 3 Billion Pounds in business revenue. With more the 1.7 million Cash Back Members, in 21 European countries, North America, Middle East and Australia, being active now on 3 continents

In 1995 and 1996 Douglas had Official Sponsor of the World Famous Galaxy Touch Football Team out of Auckland, New Zealand. Galaxy was The World Champions.


“GALAXY: The World Number 1 Touch Football Team” Officially Sponsored by Internet – Douglas McCoy’s company

The Galaxy Team won the New Zealand Championship each year. It was their team that virtually made up the National Team that won the World Championship in Hawaii the previous year. Douglas’ company “Intanet” was the proud sponsor and bought their uniforms and equipment. Doug played with the Dynamic Galaxy Team of superstars, they were world famous for their incredible skills and history of winning the New Zealand Championship.

Doug would fly over from Australia to New Zealand to fit in their training and competition games for the privilege to play with these elite champions in the New Zealand Touch Competition.  He saw it as such a privilege to play with the World’s Best Team, even though Doug was more than twice the age of most of the players.

  • Douglas bought “Excelsior College” in 1997 – 98. Located on the best business address in Australia:  8th Floor, of “The Metro,” on the Corner of George Street and Park Street right in the very heart of Sydney, opposite Sydney Town Hall and Queen Victoria Building QVB).  Professor Keith Kennett was to run the College and McCoy bought it.  McCoy was 50/50 partners with Professor Kennett who is in Australia’s Book of “WHO’S WHO.”  Douglas bought the College and 6 Recruitment / Job Start Offices.  Excelsior College was an internationally acclaimed college having students from all over the World. 


“Excelsior College” taught subjects including: Business Management, Real Estate, University Preparation, Office Management, Tourism, Secretarial, Hospitality, Computing, English and Welfare.

At the same time 1997 to 1999, Douglas had bought “Bernini On Kent” the beautiful three story Italian restaurant in Kent Street, also in the heart of Sydney.  Bernini’s was listed in: Sydney’s Top 25 Restaurant’s” by Air New Zealand.  Bernini’s had many World Famous Celebrities come and party.

The likes of the World’s Great Tenor at the time and Opera Star Pavarotti, the wonderful British comedian, pianist and Hollywood actor Dudley Moore who both enjoyed their Birthday Party at Bernini’s and played McCoy’s grand piano.  Kamahl one of Australia’s leading singers and entertainers and many other Australian celebrities also enjoyed to dine at Bernini’s.  Sadly the month Douglas bought the restaurant it was burgled, with over $100,000 of original paintings and art work stolen.  Most of these stunning paintings and sketches were by “Cherina” the brilliant European Artist and friend of McCoy’s.  McCoy still has some of his incredible statues and sketching.


Dudley Moore at Bernini On Kent playing Doug’s Grand Piano.

  • Doug’s friend Dudley Moore the Hollywood Superstar of the original movie “Arthur” and famous British Comedian and Pianist pictured above playing Doug’s Grand Piano at his Birthday Party on the 3rd Level at Bernini On Kent Italian Restaurant in Sydney.
  • With Douglas having Professor Kennett running Excelsior College and his Chief Chef Darren Clemas he brought over from New Zealand to run Bernini On Kent, while McCoy tripped around between businesses and the world.

At the same time Douglas was also running his New Zealand interests and Australian Loyalty / Website business – My Community setting it up for the Publicly Listing.  Douglas was also buying properties and running Australasian Success Academy, his seminar, coaching and personal development academy.

  • As a communicator, Douglas has vast experience as an Inspirational Public Speaker on: ReCREATING Yourself, Motivation, Self Image, Goal Setting, Time Management, Sales, Negotiations, Personal Development and Health for major corporations in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, America and Asia. Douglas has helped many people ReCreate themselves to change their lives, and see their real potential to build their Self Image and inspire them to ReCREATE themselves.  With hundreds of lovely testimonials of thanks and appreciation.

To keep the destructive activities of the criminal intentions of LeVannie and Bristow’s team away from his family, during the 1990’s Douglas McCoy was spending most mid-weeks doing business overseas and he would fly back to Australia on the weekends to watch his children play their sports and take his family to church.  

  • THE CHIEF:  Plus he was setting up his cutting edge market ideas and his Loyalty Program throughout the country.   McCoy made such an impact, implementing some of his business concepts overseas including New Zealand that the Maori People decided to immortalise Douglas McCoy by making him a Maori Chief” in 1996.  In a sacred ceremony held in New Zealand’s capital, Douglas McCoy was respected with the bestowal of this distinguished elite status, in a special ceremony specifically in honour of Douglas McCoy at The Michael Fowler Centre (Wellington’s Entertainment Centre) to be respectfully given the Highest Privilege in New Zealand and throughout the proud historic Maori culture. 

During this sacred ceremony a group of distinguished Leaders and Chiefs of this very proud and powerful Maori heritage, honoured Douglas McCoy as he was bestowed with the title of a: ”Maori Chief” for his assistance to the Maori people. 


In this sacred ceremony hosted by the Maori Leaders they stated:

“…we consider Douglas McCoy to be “The Financial Saviour to us as Maori People”.

This was such an achievement and honour that McCoy was advised that he was privileged to be only the third person that had been made a “Maori Chief” with no Maori blood, or even New Zealand blood since the Second World War.  Douglas was so respected amongst many Maori Leaders and people they also gave Douglas McCoy the title of: “Our Young Genius”.  


Douglas was given the Tiki Symbolizing  “The Love Token”.

Photo of Douglas McCoy with His Maori Chief’s Cloak and Plaque                                                with the 1905 Painting of:  TE AHO noted Waikato Warrior:


The Chief’s Cloak and Hand Carved Chief’s Shield,                                                                   specially prepared and awarded to Douglas McCoy – “TENAKOE DOUGLAS McCOY”

Douglas was GIFTED the:

“CARVING Symbolises:  The Guardian,                                                                          

TAIAHA / POUWHENUA  The Maori War Weapons,               

KOROWAI (CHIEF CLOAK)  Recognition Of Prestige,                    

Status Of Power  –  Aotearoa.”

  • The WORLD RECORD:  One Marketing Phenomena of McCoy’s was when Doug used his marketing genius and skills from the front of a room, through seminars to fulfill a marketing concept he developed.  Douglas sold $6,500,000 of IBM Personal Computers in New Zealand within only 6 weeks, which created a new World Record for selling computers from the front of a room.
  • McCoy was honoured to receive his MBA through “JIMS” with the America World University. Awarded in this ceremony televised throughout Indonesia. 


  • Douglas did Financial Planning and Banking, spending 2 years in Asia launching and expanding the “Australia Fund” Management company into Asia and working with International Banking transactions worth Billions of dollars, based from Singapore and Indonesia.  McCoy had been asked to do the Acceptance Speech for all the graduating students of over 800 from throughout Asia, and so many of the students wanted Douglas to pose with them in their Graduation photos.
  •  “My Community”   pioneered and supplied the first complete functional Websites to assist Council and Local Businesses to work together, with McCoy’s Loyalty Program available for Local Governments. Douglas trained sales teams to be out selling at $50,000 each website per Council Area.  My Community designed and supplied websites for Councils throughout NSW, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria.  They also expanded throughout the world leading this technology by designing and supplied into the US State Governments.                                                                EXAMPLE:  Hornsby Shire Council’s  My Community Site


  • “My Community”  McCoy had taken this company from concept to development and sent the company public.  McCoy appointed Sir John Foley, Doug’s barrister and life time friend as the Chairmen and they sent “Internova” to a public listing by using a part of McCoy’s 50% ownership, through a back door listing on the Australian Stock Exchange, taking over a publically listed company with $7,000,000 in the bank.  McCoy’s company before it was listed and after listing was using his Loyalty Program, Coupons and selling websites from early in the Internet revolution, back in 1997:
  • McCoy took “My Community” to Asia to sell the National Licence for Asia, for $1.3 Billion.  Doug had the deal set, when the world had the historic “Internet Crash”.  The deal went down as did the value of the Internet – World Wide Web.  Website companies around the world were questioned for a couple of years as investors lost sight of the true potential of the incredible revolution and advanced marketing tool of the Internet.  History shows that McCoy and the other WWW. Gurus were pioneering the greatest marketing tool in the world’s history.
  • So in 2001, when McCoy lost the $1.3 Billion deal in Asia, the Board of Directors of Internova, the public company he had started, changed their focus and looked at trying to save Ansett Airlines and Traveland.


  • McCoy with the Chairmen  –  John Foley through Internova Travel a division of our publically listed company, we actually rescued from Ansett’s administrators Ansett Airlines and Traveland and in less than 2 months sold both companies.

Ansett was Australia’s Best know Airline operating for over 65 years and Traveland was Australia’s Biggest Travel Agency. But, the new owners Internova sold the companies off to “Australia Fund” a fund management company. They failed to revive Traveland for the second time and even worse, they failed to pay McCoy’s company.  Traveland is owned by TravelWorld today.

  • McCoy’s Asia Experiences are mind blowing, Douglas was commissioned to open up Asia for a Fund Management company in Australia.  Within his first day of arriving and doing business in Singapore, McCoy receiving his first US$1Billion from one of the friends he had previously met in Jakarta, one of the Richest Men in The World and his Asia experiences got even more bizarre from there on.  You would need to read the full story to even try to comprehend it.
  • 33
  • Barrister John Foley, Snowy and Douglas McCoy with  his First One Billion US Dollars  –  McCoy received in Singapore. Each of these Certificate was US$100 Million.
  • McCoy’s greatest failure in his life came in 2003 when Douglas and his lovely wife separated.  With the use of virtually no money as he was going through a divorce.  McCoy purchased and accumulated 33 properties in a 12 month period.
  • Using the equity of the 33 properties McCoy was able to squeeze 3 million dollars to invest in and establish a worldwide telecommunication company called YnotCallMe, an International Telco business based in Delaware USA.  YnotCallMe has been a development of a Global Telecommunication known as: www.YnotCallMe.com .  YNotCallMe is currently set up online in 13 languages and in 220 Countries World Wide, offering incredible Telecommunication Products and Technology at prices tailored to help the Third World Countries PLUS; Doug is offering Telco Systems, Books, Training, Webinars Online World-Wide and Seminars to assist the average people world wide to get out of this Global Recession. Enrol on: www.eSuccessAcademy.com
  • Douglas owned a bit over a third of the company and was the major funder.  Having a US and Canadian partner, whom Douglas has since bought out.
  • During 2006 to 2011 Douglas also owned 50% of another world wide VOIP Telco company called: SkyTalker ran from the Philippines until his American business partner died suddenly at the young age of 45.
  • Doug semi retired for 10 years while he wrote 18 of his books.  But in his spare time has bought, optioned or sold over $15 Million of property during 2004 to 2007, while he wrote his books and lived on the Sydney Harbour waterfront four doors down from the previous two Australian Prime Ministers.  Doug’s home was right on and overlooks the most beautiful Harbour in the world, directly opposite the magnificent World Famous Sydney Opera House, beside the amazing Sydney Harbour Bridge – “The Coat Hanger”.
  • Douglas is the owner of the Australasian Success Academy and www.eSuccessAcademy.com. Douglas established the eSuccessClub and is a Coach, Consultant and Business Advisor for several franchise companies, direct sales organisations and businesses world wide. Never will you meet someone who lives the role of a happy, positive, motivated person, on such a continual basis – notwithstanding his unsurpassed opposition and destructive activities caused by mislead people that he had to endure.
  • Douglas is the founder of the outstanding world-wide Seminar – Coaching marketing business: www.Haappiness.co  which you will notice is spelt with the extra two “A”s – standing for two of his favourite words: “Attitude” and “Action”.  The Chairmen is the famous John Foley B.D., LL.B, B.L. (Dublin), KHS., M.A.I.C.D. Barrister-at-Law – listed in Australia’s, NSW’s and Queensland’s  Book of “Who’s Who”.    Mr Foley was the founding director of the Australian Gold Council, is the Chairmen of Precious Metal Resources Limited, Chairmen of Carbon Credit Corporation, Chairmen of Investment Banking Group and Chairmen of Citigold.  Sir John Foley as many call him as John was Knighted by the Pope in 2010.


  • “Senior Clubman of the Year” for Hills Hawks Rugby League Club in the North Sydney Rugby League Club for 2006.   For his role as The Club Coach of the Coaches” and helping some teams win their Grand Finals.  Since 1990 when Doug’s eldest son Andrew started Junior Rugby League, Doug was involved in assistant coaching and/or Coach of the Coaches for the Clubs to assist them to win most of their Grand Finals he assisted in from 1990 to 2011.

For Douglas McCoy to have achieved all this while so many of his projects were destroyed by the thoughtless actions and comments of a politician who ignorantly assisted the East End Mafia of London and Australian’s Number One Stand Over Man; Tim Bristow in their activities through his misleading false statements in Parliament.

These cowardly staged show, with his comments to the Minister of the Department of Fair Trading, for a matter he knew had been cleared by that same department as: “Nothing to answer for”, and had nothing to do with that department, had been through court years earlier and McCoy was not even a party to the case.  But the politician attempted to fulfil his threat of trying to extort $300,000 for his supposed girlfriend from McCoy.  Hiding behind the protection of Parliamentary Privilege that is impossible to take action against, he made these false statements that have cost McCoy business deal after business deal and $100’s of millions of dollars.

But far worse is the damage to McCoy’s family, reputation, incredible name and input to the world that has been held back by this intentional defamation. This damage is not able to be calculated.

  • Doug could barely read when he left school at 16, but he decided to ReCREATE himself as an Author, so he put his mind and techniques into action and ended up writing 18 books before he went to print with his first book.  NOW Douglas is considered an Author of some of the World’s Best Self Image and Personal Development Books. 
These are astounding accomplishments for a young man to achieve especially after what McCoy had been through and despite all the opposition.

These are astounding accomplishments for a young man to achieve especially after what McCoy had been through and despite all the opposition.

Residential Building in the World, where he ran his Holiday Letting business and also lived during 2006 and 2007.


Doug at the front of one of his homes with his children and wife.


Douglas’ with six of his Incredible Children at his eldest daughter’s wedding in 2007, just days before his father: Matt McCoy passed away. His Dad and Mum in front.

Douglas treasures his close friendship and love with all the greatly loved members of his family and seven wonderful children.

So when McCoy decided to get back into buying Real Estate.  Once again McCoy carried out a phenomenal feat, where he actually accumulated 33 properties in the first year.  McCoy was able to accumulate equity of some $3,500,000 even though he was in a greatly weakened position of what he had been through and was experiencing the negative exposure in life he had to handle.

Sir John Foley was McCoy’s barrister who represented him throughout these fights, who stated:  “Doug you need to teach people how they too can have the enormous mental strength that you do…”

With no experience in the Telco Industry, McCoy was talked into borrowing against the equity in his newly acquired property portfolio.  McCoy put up 16 properties for security for loans totalling $1.8 million, to invest an amount of $3 million into a new International Telco business.





I have highlighted some of the lessons I learnt and needed to learn…

Mistakes are OK.  You need to make mistakes to learn and grow:

We are all travelers and tourists in this exciting world of ours. This is an amazing world tailored for our learning and experiences.  I love my life!!!

I was born with fantastic parents, with a superhero as my father.  I was born on Father’s day while my dad was playing the Grand Final in Rugby League.

My father is one of “The Fifteen Legends of St George” Rugby League, he played for Australia and at his prime was considered by the press and critics as “The Best Rugby League Player in The World.”  After he retired from Rugby League he took up Cricket at 42 and played until he was in his 70’s with my younger brother, he broke the all time top scoring record of runs in a season of any club cricketer in Australia’s history, then broke his own record the next year.  Dad’s batting record stood for well over 20 years, I can tell you story after story of his unique talents and achievements….

So throughout my childhood I was referred to as: “So you’re Matt McCoy’s son?”  The older ones would go on to say:  “You know, I was there when your dad ….”  Yes I had my very own Superhero as my dad.  I had big shoes to fill, a reputation to live up to.

My dad would tease me and say:  “You’ll never be the man your father is!”                I would joke with him and respond:      “I know I won’t, … I’ll only be better.”

The only thing was as a kid, I was real small, so not really the expected size or speed to be that Rugby League Super Star like my dad.  So people felt sorry for me, and thought I’d never be like my dad, and never be much good at Football (Rugby League or Rugby Union).  That just made me want to try harder in whatever I did, so challengers, problems or handicaps can be great for you, if you have the right attitude.

I always had a mind of my own and right from my first few weeks in Kindergarten when I was the only kid I have ever heard of to be expelled from school before he was 5 years old and told never to return.  At school I had heaps of friends and was always very popular; in second class, third, fourth, fifth and six class’ I was voted “Class Captain” each year and “Vice Captain” one year, as selected by my fellow students.  I thought that’s what school was for to meet my mates and have a good time, play sports and wrestle with 4 to 8 guys at a time each break.

But when it came to education… at school, well that was yet another area that I had struck out.  I couldn’t read or spell.  I would go into a full lather of sweat if I had to even try to read in front of anyone, I would read like I was a bad stutterer.  I read so slow I would never finish an exam paper.  So my academic education at school was a deserter.  So eventually I did get an education, but it was after I dropped out of school at the age of 16.

So I was use to starting off as the complete underdog and working my way up to eventually, if I was lucky becoming average and if I stuck in there long enough and worked real hard I could succeed and if I kept working on those habits I acquired trying to get to be average, I often became a champion at the task or challenge … This was a great learning experience in my life:  It doesn’t matter where you start, if you’re willing to work at it harder than others you will  I didn’t understand the meaning of “giving up”.

 My wonderful mum and dad taught me real young that the most important thing to have in every situation is a GREAT ATTITUDE no matter what happens…  I want tell you here some of life changing powerful lessons and how my dad indelibly imprinted these lessons into my mind forever.  You will need to listen to some of my seminars to hear those remarkable stories. 

My school years were great, and my work experiences were challenging, but very exciting.  It has been said:  “There is no such thing as a coincidence.”  We reap what we sow;” I did a lot of my learning through trial and error.  I was very naïve; I just thought I could do anything I put my mind to, so I did.  Where I was wrong, as a young entrepreneur, was that I thought others could also do what I could do.  So a quick tip:  “Don’t expect much from others, but demand a lot from yourself.”  I eventually learned how to make huge amounts of money and unfortunately later I learned how to lose huge amounts of money too.

For years my thoughts had been fixed on my goals, my values, on success and achieving my dreams and aspirations.  I have always believed:  “As A Man Thinketh so shall he be.”  I believe and teach you are what you think about most of the time.  I know if you change your thoughts you change your results.

My life had been incredibly challenging, but I had been living a real dream.  Everything I seemed to put my mind to I had succeeded, in a big way.  My life seemed to have been a constant series of challenges until the challenge turned into a success story, just one mountain to climb and concur, after another.

As history has taught: “Every great hero must have an ark enemy.”

This Is Your Life so ACT….  Don’t be acted upon…




Nothing happens until somebody SELLS something. 

The Greatest Product is an OPPORTUNITY.

Good Luck and Remember:   “I Believe in YOU!!!”


It’s Not What Happens To YOU In Life That Counts,

 But How YOU Feel About It.   

While Doug was playing football during 1973 to 1977 he was also studying:

While Doug was playing football during 1973 to 1977 he was also studying:



McCoy hopes to never experience a sequel, but he will definitely handle it differently if it happened again.  Oh yeah…


doug18 doug19





Oh yeah…

100222 00Doug


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Douglas McCoy at signing autographs with Rugby League
Team of the Century 2008



Mario Fenneck, Joan McCoy and Douglas McCoy Team of The Century 2008

Suger Ray Robinson the Other “Center of the Century” of Rugby League with Douglas McCoy with the Team of The Century signing autographs 2008.

Suger Ray Robinson the Other
“Center of the Century” of Rugby League with Douglas McCoy with the Team of The Century signing autographs 2008.

Doug McCoy playing Rugby in England 1978

Doug McCoy playing Rugby in England 1978




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