THE Real McCoy of Cricket


McCoy Family Crest

15 years after being named the Finest Rugby League player in the World,

Matt ReCreated himself as a Cricket Star and put together a church cricket team.

“Matt McCoy was one of the Greatest to Ever Play the Game…” 

matt mccoy

Matt McCoy was Awarded with The Australian Sports Medal in recognition for his service to Sports by The Australian Government – the Governor General – Government House in November 2000:


Regard Matt McCoy’s Cricket the Newspaper Headlines Started:


The St George Leader said Dec 16, 1964: “McCoy smashed 31 boundaries.” “Mat McCoy scored a brilliant 180 not out…”


“He gained the award for becoming the Highest – Scoring Batsman…”


ReCreating himself in the Sydney Cricket completion the newspapers said in 3rd Feb 1965: “Matt McCoy…became the highest scorer in any one season in any association competition.” “He took his aggregate … for the season to break Norm Sterling’s record of 944 runs set in 1951 -52 season.

St George Leader Feb 3, 1965:   “McCoy … totalling 1,128 runs, at an average of 75.2 and becoming the highest run-getter in the St George District.”


In Matt’s 2nd year he broke his own Batting Record at the age of 43. Matt’s Record stood for over 25 years.

WOW  “The Greatest Batting Machine Ever to play in the Association…”

February 17, 1965:


The next year he broke his own record which stood for over 25 years.

Big Matt played open completion cricket with his youngest son Matthew until he was into his 70’s to keep his son interested and out of trouble as a teenager and young man growing up in Sydney. Matthew (Matt’s son was an excellent cricketer as well.

­ Matt senior would usually belt the ball for boundaries of 6’s and 4’s to save himself from needing to run between the wickets at his old age, because even in his 70’s and needing two knee replacements. Matt’s reflexes were so good, the opposing teams wouldn’t allow him a runner once they saw him batt.

Matt’s achievements as a cricketer were outstanding, but at his age after retiring from Rugby League, Matt’s main sport he had excelled. To break these Batting Records and achieve what he did at his age was nothing sort of Super Human. Matt McCoy was truly The Real McCoy of Cricket.

Matt McCoy

Matt McCoy


In 2000, Matthew McCoy was awarded the “Australian Medal” and “Australasian Sporting Achievement Award” from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Prime Minister John Howard and Governor-General.


Yes, Matt’s children and grandchildren respected and learned from Matt’s amazing Superhero father who taught:

“No one ever kicks a dead dog, you have to be up and doing something to get criticized…”

“The further up the ladder you get, the more of your bottom is showing. So if you are going to be successful, you’ll have to learn to put up with criticism…” 

“Give it a go and back yourself.”

“You can do anything anyone else can do  – if you believe you can.” 

McCoy’s are not the type that gives up, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, Matt McCoy changed direction and ReCreate Himself many times in his magnificent life.

You will discover some of the reasons Douglas McCoy has been labelled:

“The ReCREATION KING”  from what his father Matt McCoy has taught and lived.


THE Real McCoy of Cricket

  • January 2013

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